Introducing Square: “The Most Amazing Way to Pay”

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Technology advances so quickly, it’s hard to keep up. With over 1,200 new mobile applications being uploaded each day (DigitalBuzzBlog), there are constantly new innovations to incorporate into business. The latest one we want to focus on is called Square, an app for iPhone and Android devices that allows users to pay for items, browse new places, and get rewarded from favorite businesses.

What is Square?

Square boasts that it “makes anyone feel like a regular.” This app is used for both businesses and their consumers allowing a seamless monetary transfer for purchases that can easily be tracked, analyzed, and rewarded. Pay with Square allows you to link your credit card to the app to pay for items. You also have the option to open a tab, which can be set automatically to open when you enter the building Square is easy to use to discover great local places that also utilize the Square app.

The Square Card Reader can accept all major credit cards, anytime, anywhere, and is easy to use! Businesses even have the ability to use an iPad as a Square Register, making it the simplest way to accept a credit card payment. With consumers who use Square to discover local places, business owners have the ability to attract new customers. They can also reward their regular customers by creating a loyalty program – create in-app punch cards, plus choose the amount to reward customers.

Now you can make it easier for customers to purchase your products and services.  Reduce wait times by enabling more than one employee to process sales transactions – with Square the cash register isn’t the only place a customer can make a purchase.

Boccalone Gets Paid With Square from Square on Vimeo.

What are other ways my business could benefit?

Square offers insightful analytics that allow business operators to make informed decisions. You are able to see which days and times are performing best, and can export the data and history into a spreadsheet so that it’s easy to read. You don’t need to be a retail store to operate the Square app. Are you providing a service at a cost? A non-profit that collects money at a fundraiser? Hook up the Square Card Reader to your iPhone or Android to receive credit card payments any time, any place.

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